How to redirect to a specific group after one time payment in stripe?

I’m using the stripe plugin developed by bubble. And I’m making a one-time payment and using the CHARGE THE CURRENT USER action. And I’m showing groups that shows everytime the user clicks in the next button. All in one page.
My problem is that when the user sucessfully pays for the product i don’t want stripe to redirect the user to first group instead I’m want to the last group to appears. Is there a way to do this? I know that I can acchieve this when I’m redirecting to a page but it’s no my case.

custom state or URL parameters

how the url parameters would work? i’ve tried custom state but doesn’t work

after you charge user use “Go to Page” pick same page you want and on the bottom check additional parameters, add parameter name for example “paid” then on the right type Yes , then on the group you want to be shown next in conditional make cond.: GET DATA FROM PAGE URL Paid is Yes then show that group. Make that Group floating group to show above other groups if it does not works first way.

thank you so much for your help! it worked!

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