How to redirect with button from page to header's SIGN UP popup?

I’ve created a page “picture” with a button “Continue” and I want to redirect users to “SIGN UP” process from Header, once the button Continue is clicked.

I copied workflow of SIGN UP button to my Continue button, but I can’t redirect them to Element “Signup/Login Popup A”:

What I’m doing wrong?
How can I redirect user from main page to header’s SIGN UP popup?

Thank you in advance

You need to put the login form on the picture page also. Right now the popup is only in the header but if you select the Signup / Login from the reusable elements and put it on the picture page it should work.

I don’t want to mess up the page content, SIGN UP is and should stay only in the header.
Is there any option how to redirect with current set-up/template?

The header is a separate element from the page so you will need to use two different pop-ups to do that. It shouldn’t mess the up the page if you put the login/signup element on that page.

Thanks for advise, issue solved

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