How to reduce page height based on content?

Hi guys,
Here’s the site -
I have this pretty long homepage but all the other tab content are not that long but because of the homepage height, there’s this huge white space on the bottom of the other content.

How can I get rid of it? Any ideas would be of great help
I tried the collapse option & it didn’t work

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Do you use collapse this element height? I don’t see your tabs maybe you can share screenshot or screencast?

Make sure all tabs are the same height at your home page (I might increase the home page height along with all pages a bit to give yourself room in case you add to the home page later). Add an empty group at the bottom of all the tabs that goes up to within ~100px of your content (including home page if you left yourself extra room). Set the empty groups to hidden and collapse when hidden. All the pages will now collapse to the height of the content in them.

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@Jici @aj11 Thanks a lot guys. I will test out your suggestions

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