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How to referece to the current index+1's value in a RG

I am working on creating a monthly report for an inventory stuff, using a repeating group. But, here is a thing that I am struggling with for a while.

The structure is like this.

Product: X
Date IN. OUT. Q’ty

For a product data type, I have data fields such as name, description… and current inventory.

As you can imagine, the problem I am facing is because the current inventory is the figure at the current date/time, I cannot use this figure for past dates.

For a certain date where there was IN or OUT, I am adding calculation to get the inventory q’ty for the previous day without problem, but when there is no IN or OUT, I need to set a date’s inventory by bringing the one of the next day’s but I don’t know how to call the next day’s inventory for a given date’s inventory.

Can anyone help with this?


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