How To Reference A Group Focus To An Element Inside A Repeating Group?

How can I reference an element inside of a repeating group for the group focus element?

Similar to the drop-down bere:

Maybe set a custom state to the “currently active” cell when that cell is highlighted/selected and then reference that custom state from the GF?

The problem is you still can’t tie it into or put the GF beside an element INSIDE the repeating group.

Has no one encountered this issue before with a group focus?

So you’re talking about positioning the GF relative to an element within a RG row? (Your original post asked about referencing a RG element.)

I’ve not tried that myself, but if a forum search came up empty, hopefully someone will chime in. :neutral_face:

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Does this help?


Is there any trick to set the state of an element outside of the focus group when an element inside of the re-usable element FG is clicked?

The issue is I’m trying to change the state on the page that the re-usable element is sitting on, not change the state of something inside of the re-usable element itself…

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