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How to reference a password to unlock an element

I would like help with a workflow or condition so as to hide my invisible group that is acting as a lock to the Users subscription options.

I have created the DB for the user to create a new password separate from the password used to Sign Up. This works perfectly.

How do I ensure the password typed in the input is correct so I can hide the invisible group properly?
Please I need help.
here what the subscription looks like.

password unlock

On clicking UNLOCK, run a workflow that hides the group.
Add an Only When condition on this workflow:
Only When input Passwordxxx's value is current user's <password_field>

If you need the app to remember that the user has hidden this group, you can do it this way:

  1. Add a yes/no field to the user type called ‘isUnlocked’
  2. Add a conditional statement to the invisible group where it is visible only when the current user’s isUnlocked is ‘no’
  3. In the workflow of the UNLOCK button, make changes to the current user and change the ‘isUnlocked’ value to ‘yes’ - Only When input Passwordxxx's value is current user's <password_field>

This way the user will only have to unlock it once

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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