How to refresh RGs after a page went idle without reloading

Hi, my app is wrapped with BDK (which I strongly recommend) and works smoothly on mobile but I have problems when resuming it from background because RGs and calculated fields:

  • take a lot to update (5 sec or more),
  • sometimes do not update at all.

I can detect when the page is woke-up from idle and also if a page is showing data that are not updated. In theory, for such cases, I could add a workflow to reload the page but I don’t want as it would be an horrible user experience.

Is there a way to force the refresh of repeating groups?

Hey there @gianluca1,

I’m not sure if this works, just throwing ideas out there. What if you try the “Display List” action within Element Actions on a workflow? Does that force it to refresh?

Hi @johnny thanks for the precious hint. I’m doing some tests now . I still have a 3-5 secs before all the data update but at least - so far - they do update.
The delay appears to be different depending on how long the page was idle.
What more data on the page don’t update all together.
I think I’ll need to add a spinner.

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have you tried Navigate to (the same page) and then Scroll to header? It usually helps to refresh the content without reloading the page.

No I didn’t but I will certainly try. Thanks!

Hi, I tried different hacks but I still haven’t solved the problem. RGs don’t update after the page awakens from idle.

I have 2 RGs that are both visible and that look at series of “Transactions” (Data Type).

I can detect when the page awakes and alternatively I tried such an event to trigger:
i) Display list in RG (on RG “B” below)
ii) Goto page (same page)
iii) Editing the latest Transactions (I tried to change the modified date and checked on the db that this was actually happening)

The wired thing is that the 2 RGs are very similar but one updates (“A”) after idle, the other doesn’t (“B”).

If user 1 adds a Transaction and, afterwards, user 2 opens the page after idle, RG “B” is not updated and does not show the new Transaction. While being open in such inconsistent state, the page of user 2 updates if an existing transaction is edited by another user.

While testing method i) it also happened once to see B updated and A not updated.

If the idle time is in the range of few minutes, the problem “usually” is not there but, if the idle time is in the range of hours, it’s always there.

Maybe @eve has a hint to share. Thanks in advance.

I’m struggling with this same issue. Was able to confirm it as a bug with Bubble support, but they said they won’t be fixing it because it’s a “browser-specific” behavior. Were you able to find a way to force the update?

Hi, after several tests I solved the problem with a workaround by changing the structure of the page.
Before I had 2 RGs and some fields having formulas looking at such RGs.
I later changed all the calculated fields so that they did not look at RGs but directly at their source.
It worked and calculated fields now update even after a long idle.
The summary I got is: “don’t rely on a RG updating after idle”.


Yeah makes sense. Blows my mind that such clear bug in the fundamental functionality of Bubble would be completely and intentionally ignored, but here we are. In my use case the RG is showing messages in a SMS conversation so having it update reliably is non-negotiable. My working theory is that the issue lies in how searches of the database work after idle vs the RG themselves, so I’m going to try switching to showing a list of messages from the database (saved to a conversation thing and updated as they are created) vs searching for messages based on conditions.

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