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How to reload my repeating group

My page contains 11 repeating group, when fist load, it show only 1, but when i load 11 rep group (just 1 visible) and my page is really slow. and i want to ask how to reset all sate and data in invisible repeating group to make my page faster.

I may be pointing out something you already know, but I would first and foremost focus on trying to reduce the number of repeating groups. They are generally the most resource hogging element you can add to a Bubble app (because of the nature of databases, not because of Bubble), so keeping them to a minimum is always quicker.

I’m not sure I fully understood your question, but I’m interpreting that you have 11 different RG’s, and that you only show one at a time. As you make a new group visible, it must load “from scratch”, making your app slow.

Loading an invisible RG (or pre-loading it if you will) is not supported in Bubble as we speak, although you can detect if a visible RG is loading or not, and make a more user friendly graphical interface to show the loading.

Also, you can change an RG’s data source through a Workflow or Condition. Using only one group might speed it up a bit and save some RAM, but it will still have to load each source separately.

Let me know if you want some more details on those two points, or if I’m misinterpreting your post :slight_smile:

this’s a relate link to a video, and i want to build my app load like this, this page doesn’t reload or go to a new page. when i click button , this repeating group reload.

and this video below show my app work

in my web app, rep group’s already loaded

I’m still not sure what you mean, your app speed seems pretty good to me? Do you that you want to load all the data into the same repeating group (changing the data), instead of using 11 separate groups?

thanks, but change data cannot change type of repeating group. and i just add 15 items, you can see more detail in this video. my app is not smooth. i try reset group, collapse when hidden, clear list rep group, set data empty… but nothing help to kill process when hidden, maybe when rep group hidden, it still call to database

and how bubble do like that? focus on url

Hi again

For the repeating groups, but there will always be some loading time. I’d love to help more, but it’s hard without knowing a lot more specifics. To use best practice for speedy loading, I recommend really studying this thread, it explains a lot on how Bubble loads and writes data, and how you can use it efficiently: Performance Q&A guide

For the changed URL parameters, this article should get you started:

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thanks, finally i fond it,when you relad the same page, all visible elements’ll not change.
Architecture layout best practice: one page with multiple functions/groups vs multiple pages