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How to remove distance between groups?


I create a layout using Groups and Text. I set elements like this:

but on preview, I have some distances between groups.

How to remove them?

Hello @Maciej here is a very simple solution :slight_smile:
but can also change container’s type or make the group fixe height.

OK, this is on the new responsive engine. What about the old one? :slight_smile:

What I would try is to put empty groups in the gaps across the whole width and have all the groups touching, stacked on top of each other. So there were no margins.

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Hello @Maciej ,
The problème came because your text element height is too small. You can shrink text or make text element bigger, i think i will be better.

This. Only difference I use Shapes as Spacers. Set its max size to 100%. Min width 1px (so that it’s responsive). Change the color and you’re good to go. Let me know if this helps.

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