How to remove Facebook Pixels?

Why does Facebook Pixel Helper say that there are two pixels installed on my page when there are none in the SEO section??
How do I track them down and remove them?

Index page.
2023-03-17 at 15.25.08

So strange. I wonder if there’s some element I’m using that’s insert a FB pixel.

Or could it be from the root domain somehow?

If it is on all pages look under
1: settings seo/meta
2: fb pixel or Google tag manager plug-in.

If it’s on single pages
3: page level element
4: HTML elements (use search function)
5: would be weird and crackhead style development but maybe a on page load workflow JS injection.

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Thanks Chris. It’s on every page.
1: Image of my SEO above.
2: No FB pix or Google plugins

It’s also important to question: is it your pixel ID?

If not:
Maybe a plug-in developer attached their pixel in header code of a plug-in you have installed in order to retarget visitors.

One is. One isn’t.

I have contacted support. We’ll see what they say.

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