How to remove 'HTML Headers' / 'Page Resources' from bubble app


In short - after installing a plugin called ‘Flickity Mobile Carousel’, a couple of HTML headers were added to the page (in fact I assume every page).

I want to get rid of these HTML headers from my bubble app but even though I have uninstalled the plugin the headers have remained.

I need to remove these HTML headers as they are causing redirect errors with indexing on Google down the line.

My question is therefore about how to manually remove HTML headers or Page Resources (in the language google refers to them) from my bubble app.

The image below shows firstly the plugin (which I have now uninstalled) that created the unwanted HTML headers.

The second image shows the exact links.


Many thanks in advance for any help,

You sure it’s not just cached? Try clearing and seeing if they go away.


Hi @lantzgould,

Thanks for replying so fast - How would I clear the cache?

Many thanks,

Here’s a guide depending on which browser:

Clearing cookies can wipe saved passwords just fyi. Try just cache for now.

I’ve cleared the browser cache, however it doesn’t seem to have an affect on removing the HTML headers from the bubble app.

I am using the Google Search Console to crawl the pages and it is the bot which still shows these two headers:

Do you know if there is another way to remove these manually.

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Gotcha. Google will probably take some time to re-crawl. Submit your pages for reindexing.

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Thanks @lantzgould - I’ll give that a try and will be sure to post the result here shortly.

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