How to remove RepeatingGroup's input's value?

As you can see in the screenshot, i’ve got 2 buttons- “Add Officer” and “Remove Officer”
When “Add Officer” is pressed, it adds a name to the RepeatingGroup tab, but when “Remove Officer” is pressed, i want it to remove that specific name… How do i do that?

Do you mean you want to remove the least item? If so, it should be as simple as deleting the Repeating Group’s last item.

I want it like, you press a button which toggles an input to appear in which you’d write the name letter by letter to remove that specific name or maybe something easier that would remove exactly THAT name.

Add a “Searchbox”. It should search for all of the values in the repeating group. The field being searched should be the name of thing. In this case, an example would be “Andrew M 2B-36”.

When you type a name, items will come up. Select one, then click the “Remove” button to delete that particular item. Then remember to add a “Reset Inputs” action after the delete action.

Thanks for the solution :+1: