How to remove template from an existing app

how do I remove the template from my app. When i go to the template section on the left column and i click delete nothing happens. It is not possible to remove a template once it has been applied to create the app. You can create a new app without a template and copy over parts of your current app.

hey thanks for reaching out.
So I have a paid plan in the existing app. So I need to get under a paid plan in the new app as well.

and the main reason I want to remove the template is because, I cannot remove the name of the template from my application title. In the browser tabs.
Is there a way to remove this. Mine is the first one.

if this is possible then I wont have to migrate to a new app.

Hey I faced the same problem but you don’t have to replace your template. This is to do with the page’s SEO settings. So if you go to your homepage and get the page editor box open, if you scroll to the bottom you can replace the zero code text with your own.

Hope this helps


Thanks for reaching out. in the seo settings i couldnt change. However I was told the name change was in the index page when i double click it. I saw that the exsiting name was in there.
thanks alot for reaching out.
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You can update SEO settings in 2 places - app level from settings and page level on each page (snapshots below).

App level

Page level

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