How to rename custom state?

Is it possible, if yes how to rename custom state ?


Yes, do not worry. Just go ahead and rename it.

Clarification. If a custom state of any type (a thing, a number, a yes/no, a date, a text, etc) was named “abc” and you change it to “xyz” it will be ok.


abc of type text: … abc=town
renamed to xyz of type text … xyz=town

The above will be what I mean with renaming. Nothing will happen.

If you were to change it to … abc=city … Any logic that depended on the word “town” being “town” may get affected. This would not be “renaming a custom state”. It would be “changing its value”.

Hope the above makes sense :+1:t2:

For renaming custom state go to the element you’ve set your custom state upon (like, a page or a group), double click to call the element editor and press little “i” icon in the upper right corner. You’ll access your custome states and will be able to delete/create/rename them

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