How to replace third-party cookies for Affiliation?

Hi friends,

I run a french directory of ethical brands. So far, we’ve been relying on affiliation, which is the most effective business model and the most transparent for the users.

For those not aware of what’s happening behind the scenes, Google and Apple announced ITP 2.0 for their web browser, meaning that all third-party cookies will be blocked, leaving us unable to track transactional actions. Even though some affiliate network developed their baked solution to continue monitoring things, it will not be as accurate as previously.

With all the mess surrounding web cookies, I’m writing to ask you guys for the best solution to get the same result as with affiliate links.

We’ve currently got 10% of the brands showcased under an affiliate link (thanks to third-party affiliate networks).

I even wonder if I should build a custom one internally to manage all the brands.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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