How to report whether users authenticated using oauth?

TLDR; How do I build a repeating group which tells me which users signed up using: password / oauth Linkedin / oauth Google etc.

I allow users to authenticate in to my app using a few different Oauth providers that I have implemented using the API Connector (such as Linkedin and Google).

For each oauth provider, there is a corresponding “User” field that is auto-created (and maintained by bubble) i.e. ‘Current user’s->{oauth provider}’ such as ‘Current user’s->My Linkedin Oauth->email’ which returns the email for the oauth provider of the current user.

Note that when I check the value of this field from the Current user I get the expected value (Current user’s->My Linkedin Oauth->email returns the current user’s email for LinkedIn)…

… HOWEVER when I check the same value for a different user (e.g. render a repeating group of users which reports each user in the repeatng groups ‘My Linkedin Oauth->email’ value), it always returns empty.

Is there something special about these auto-generated oauth provider values in User which cause only the Current user to be able to check this value?


Check your privacy rules. There should be a checkbox that allows defined privacy rules to view Social Networks

Screenshot 2024-04-04 at 11.28.30

@johnny appreciate the reply but that is what I thought as well. However when I remove all privacy rules from Users datatype (temporarily, of course), the SAME thing happens…

Here is a page that consumes a user unique ID and outputs information about said user.

When the unique ID is the current user (who was oauthed using google) it looks like this:

For all other unique ID values, it looks like this:

Can anyone explain this or tell me where I went wrong?


Any ideas?