How to resample uploaded CSV and convert to Bubble field?

User uploads CSV files with 400-96,000 rows. Bubble displays this data on a graph.
Problem: when CSV files are large, it takes too long to download the entire CSV files before plotting it.
Solution: After CSV upload, resample it into predetermined row number and store in a Bubble field.
But, how to get started? Is there a bubble workflow for working with data like this? Can Bubble parse a CSV file and then run some math actions on it? Do I need to send this out to an external API like Zapier or other?
Thank you!

I would process the data in a cloud function or xano and return a chart image if it was me

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Thanks Jared. I was considering that. I don’t currently have a paid subscription to anything smart like xano, so I’m trying avoid picking up another monthly fee to accomplish this, but I do have a subscription to Zapier. Any idea if Zapier could accomplish this?
Update: “The Import CSV File utility only supports importing files that are 150 KB or less in size (around 1,000 rows of a 10 column CSV file)”