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How to reset RG height after showing a longer item?

I’m using an RG to show questions in a survey, which have varying levels of complexity.
As a result some of the questions extend the depth of the RG significantly. But when loading the next (shorter question) the RG depth doesn’t change - instead it stays at the size set by previous question. Only when a second subsequent question is shown does the RG return to the right depth for the question.
It’s irritating for the user because they have to scroll past a load of empty space to get the the buttons (at the bottom) to save their answer.
RG is in one item at a time view.

Any suggestions appreciated.


Hey @shane.holohan1

Thanks for the post and sorry for the trouble with this! We’ve seen users build similar interactions by creating different groups for different question types inside the cell of the repeating group. You can conditionally show the group that makes the most sense for the question’s content this way and have the other groups collapse. As a result, the RG should adjust it’s size (through the collapse) for each question that is presented.

Give it a try and don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly with any additional questions at [email protected]

Thanks Andrew,
I’ve had a look at my structure and I’m generally doing what you suggest already. The issue appears to be a RG within another RG. RG’s don’t have “collapse when hidden” option and this seems to be what’s causing the problem. I’ll try putting the RG inside a group that I can conditionally collapse and I’ll see if that solves it.

Thanks for the reply @shane.holohan1

Yea, didn’t realize you were using two RGs like that. Absolutely, wrapping the RG in a group and collapsing the group should help here.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can assist with anything else. [email protected]

@AndrewV Thanks
I tested that and it worked.
Maybe add to the list of nice to have features would be collapsing a hidden RG without needing to put it in another group?

Thanks for the update and nice work getting that implemented!

I can see how that would be helpful in situations like this. Definitely consider adding it as an idea on our ideaboard. Our product team reviews those ideas often when updating our roadmap and it’s the best place to share directly with them. (And, other users can upvote your idea!)

@AndrewV I’ve done that, thanks.