How to reset Ziggeo's video input

Just begun to use Ziggeo API (original version)

I’m looking for a way to ‘cancel’ or ‘reset’ the video input, before the data is sent to Ziggeo or Bubble’s data set. The usecase is when the user wants to cancel the video recording and restart.

You can do that by clicking the button in the Ziggeo app, but I want to incorporate that within the flow in my app.

Thank you!

@bane Hi Bane, any idea how to make this work? Thank you!

Hi Ohyoon,

I can tell you that there is a way to do it in JS code, where you would just call the embedding.reset() however I am not sure how you would do that in the Bubble way :slight_smile:


From memory this would only be available in one of the newer plugins offered by @bubblify for example (I might be wrong).

Sorry I could not be of more help, however I do hope it gets the wheels rolling for you :slight_smile:


Thanks Bane!

@bubblify does your plugin accommodates this use case – reset video input?

Hi @ohyoonkwn,

The plugin does contain a reset function, which is called whenever a ‘Reset relevant inputs’ or ‘Reset Group’ action runs on one of the player or recorder elements. These events on when the reset function is called are defined by Bubble.

You can also set the recorder as a re-recorder by allowing re-recording of video takes. This gives the user the option to restart the recording of the video with the same video id.

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@bubblify After I installed the plug in, I applied ‘Reset Group’ action runs on the Repeating Group including the recorder component. However the video ID value still persist.

Hi @ohyoonkwn,

This reset bug has also been resolved.

Good luck setting up the plugin correctly in your application further!

Kind regards,
BeCodeFree Team

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