How to retrieve JSON data from randomly generated URL in an API request

Hi all,

Very new to bubble and trying to build out my first API workflow.

I have an external API that I’m connecting to which generates a screenshot.

The way it does this, is in the first request to the API, it returns a JSON response like so:

  "status": "created",
  "renderId": "7869f399-4028-4605-a0ff-3c250e37f6bc",
  "statusUrl": ""

The part I don’t know how to do, is how do I visit the statusURL value and grab the data on that page?

The statusURL is a URL that contains a JSON response with the actual screenshot URL, something like this:


My end goal is to be able to “poll” the statusURL until the JSON states that “status=succeeded” and the renderURL is available to save to my database.

Thanks Bubblers!