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[HOW TO] Retrieve user's IP address and associated data

Hi there!
In this step by step tutorial, we will see how to retrieve the current user IP address as well as a lot of useful information about the user based on his IP such as address coordinates, timezone, …

A great example of real use cases can be to avoid multi-accounts, ban IPs, or even automatically set the language of the app.

Here is an example

EASY :star2: This tutorial is for everyone.


We will need the Percent Color plugin, available for $3 per month.
This tutorial works on any Bubble plan.

iFrame IP Address Complete

1. Add the plugin to your app

In the “Plugin” tab of your application editor, click on “Add a plugin” and search for “IP address Complete”
Subscribe or buy the plugin.

2. Initial configuration

The IP Address Complete plugin works through a page element and will give you the requested information through a state of this element. Once you added the plugin to your app, place the IP Detector Complete element on the page.

Once added to your page, the plugin will resolve the data and IP address of the user automatically on page load and expose its data in the element states.

Here’s how you can retrieve data :

The plugin is now ready to work without any additional setup.


:link: Demo application: https: //plugin-demo-iframe.bubbleapps …
:link: Demo editor:…

If you need help or want to take the plugin further, please refer to the full documentation.
:link: Documentation:…

This tutorial is produced by the French platform Ottho.
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