How to return the index of an item in list

Hi I’ve gone through the posts in this forum but I can’t seem to find an answer to this simple problem.

So I’m making something similar to twitter but user could rate a tweet. Everytime they rate a tweet, the tweet’s rating (out of 5) will be added along with the user. So this is how it looks:

Text : ‘such a cool day’
Picture : day.jpg

Rating : [4,3,1,5]
Rater : [james2, poe, aswe, otherGuy]

I need to access the specific index of a list in my data. I would like to display that jame2 rated 4 for the tweet or aswe rated 1. This becomes a problem especially if I would like to display the amount of rating my currently logged user have rated.

Any solutions for this?

P.S I am planning to introduce crypto tokens here and I’ll be happy to give the Hero who answer this silly question a little token of appreciation.

*I need this exact method. I mean I could build the comments functionality to the feeds by creating a comment datatype and linking it with feed. For ratings however, I think that this will make it so slow for the app especially if there are thousands of rating which are something that are easy to create unlike comments.


Having the same issue, not sure what to use.

My List Shifter plugin has an Action for GET INDEX of… some item.

(And no, there is no similar operator in vanilla Bubble, unfortunately.)


Could you please explain how to use the get index function of your plugin?

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