How to return the unique ID of a row based on filters?

My database has several thoussand rows. My app offers 6 different dropdown lists that act as filters. By the time the user has selected from all six lists, one row is left. I want to use that row number (unique ID) to reference other variables on that row.

  1. What is the proper syntax for the value of Set State to filter data and return the unique ID?
  2. How do I then use that unique ID to return variables in other columns of that row?

If by “row” you mean a Thing (and why don’t you just say so?), a Thing’s unique ID is just That_Individual_Thing’s :unique id.

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Thanks Keith. One of the hurdles of learning to use a new tool is definitely the vocabulary, so thanks for that. My question is how to point to That_Individual_Thing. Maybe by using :first item?

Hey @nathanlively

:first item will return the first item in a list. So if by the end of this process you’re returned a list, and if you’re certain that the only item on that list will be the one you want to target, the :first item method will work great. Once you select :first item, it’s just a matter of selecting whatever field you’re interested in from there. If I’m interested in getting the first_name of the first User from a list of users, for example, it would be something like: List of Users :first item’s first_name (or something that looks similar to that).

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