How to Roll Out product to limited user

I am working on a product and want to roll out new features to limited user .Is there a way or plugin through which we can do that.


Maybe you can create a custom data field in the user database called role. And allow access to pages based on roles?

@vaibhav.malhotra1221 as @joseph.farinhas says, I’ve done it by creating roles for each user.

you can add a specific “role” data tyoe in “User” in Database. So in every user you want to be able to see features you add admin in role. And in each feature you can mark in coditional as visible only if current user role is admin

Thank you

You could have an option set ‘test-user’ so you can add that to the sign up button ie, Current user = test-user. Then later when you role out to real users you can remove it.

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