How to run a bulk task on existing data

I am not sure if I am using right terminology here, so please pardon me and correct me.

I have a set of users who I have labeled as partners. Partners have a separate table as they have some more data points.

Recently I decided to build profile pages for them. In profile pages, I want to use “Field for readable url”. I want to use name of the partner here but the name comes from user table, and bubble doesn’t allow me to use some other table’s column here (Even though I have a user field in partner and at other places I am able to do “partner’s user’s name” when required).

So, I created a new field called “Name for URL” in partner db. I have made it such that whenever partner gets added or updated, its “Name for URL” would be updated from its user’s name.

However, this means that it would happen only when I edit existing partners.

So, how do I run a bulk job on existing partners to copy this value from their corresponding users to the partners?

Is there any other better way of doing what I want?

You can enable workflow API’s in your settings then it will enable you to create backend workflows(it will show up in the area you use to switch pages).

Create a workflow as you normally would to make the changes just assume the workflow is only working within a single item. Then you go into your data table and select bulk actions, you should see the workflow you created there.

I had to expirement but you might find this documentation helpful

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Thanks Gautam. This looks like the right solution. Let me explore this and get back.

Worked like a charm! Thanks much.

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Hi Gautam. One question on this.

I was trying to create an ID for my existing entities and tried to use Bulk Action for this.

While it works, the order in which it picks up entities seems to be predetermined. It is taking it as “Latest first”, while I want it to start with “oldest first”.

Any idea how to fix that? I don’t see an option in the screen or in the documentation.