How to run a formula for every item in the database?

Hi, I’m currently making a gym app that has a repeating group that lists all the workout done for the day.

There were 2 input fields: weight and reps.

Recently, I was asked to add a way to calculate the total weights for the day (weight x reps) and use those data for an AreaChart (using Apex Charts plugin) to display the total weights per day.

The problem is that data source of the charts require a data field so I created a new data field called set weights and added a hidden input field called setweight formula. After putting a workflow whenever the input for the set’s weight and reps is changed, it is work and displaying for new Set entries but not for the old entries unless I manually change the inputs for all past entries. Is there a way to make it so that a workflow or something would update the set weight for all?

Hey, it will depend on the volume of data you would like to modify. You could do it using one of the below method:

  1. Schedule API workflow on a list
  2. Use Recursive API workflows
  3. Use Bulk feature