How to run queries, analysis, reporting

I’m running into Bubble’s limitations on what it can do with the data it’s got in storage.

So I’ve got normalized time series data from people tracking their diet, activity, mood, symptoms, weight, etc. I would like to do some really basic queries to create a denormalized table I can easily run reports off of.

for example:

  • max heart rate each day (max for last 1 day, calculated every 1 day)
  • running average body weight (avg for last 7 days, calculated every 1 day)
  • total protein per week (sum for last 7 days, calculated every 7 days)

I tried building a page where I used nested repeating groups to run the search for data in each time period but it locked up the browser. It’s really inefficient to send all of that query information from the server to the browser and display it.

Theoretically I could do it through the api, but it would be equally inefficient to send the result of every period to an external service which could run the function and send back the result.

So I’m hoping there’s a way to do this search and calculation in Bubble’s server.


I’m keeping track of this. I have very limited skill but early on in my project it seemed bubble db is not a good idea for serious reporting. Redid everything with an azure sql backend so I can plug decent reporting in. I do however hope I’m being stupid and someone will show me the light of bubble reporting goodness.

It’s boggling my mind that there isn’t a better answer for this yet in Bubble. How do people run a real business off of bubble without reporting?