How to run Workflow after Orchestra Maestro is finished?

I can’t find any good documentation on how the plugin does its “Musicians will run this workflow inside each cell” and “Maestro X Musicians finished” workflows.

Here’s the situation:
Using the Orchestra plugin, I run an update of each Instance (DB thing) in an RG where it either gets updated or a new replacement Instance is created, and after that all happens I need to add this collection of new & updated Instances to a list on another thing, a Revision.

Original Solution that worked:
I originally accomplished that last part by triggering a custom event in the “Musicians will run this workflow inside each cell”, and that custom event would update the Revision. Here’s the trigger, which triggers on the condition of being in the last cell of the RG and that the previous 2 steps have been run:

New Solution that should work but doesn’t:
I moved the workflow from the custom event and put it in a “Maestro Musicians finished” workflow, which seems like it should behave the same way. However, the Instances are not getting added to the Revision. It’s very strange because everything is the same, and other steps in the workflow are getting run as expected (so I know it’s running), and I even wrote the same Instance search I’m using to console and got the expected output, but somehow it’s not making it to the Revision list.

I’m wondering if this is happening because the plugin doesn’t run the workflow in each RG cell completely before starting the next, but instead fires them all off in sequence but without waiting for the previous to finish, and then immediately fires off “Maestro Musicians finished” after that, again now waiting for the workflows to actually complete.

Or maybe there’s something else going on entirely I’m not aware of. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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