How to save a list of text even when some items have the same value

I’m saving a list of file names in a text field and trying to save each files extension in a separate text field. The duplicate extensions are not saving in the list. I tried saving the list using a custom state then tried saving it straight to the database.

For example, if 5 of the files are mp3 and 2 are png, its saving one png and one mp3 in the list. Im wondering how to save all of them even if they are the same value. So for this example the list would contain 5 mp3s and 2 pngs. Does anyone know how to do this?

I don’t think there is anything inherit in the DB to stop you from doing it. I tried it out and it was straight forward to create and display a lit with repeating values. .

Maybe you can share screenshots of your UI / Workflows?


Why not create a new database object, and save the file names and extensions on that, then (if you really need to) save the list of those objects to the original datatype.

Alternatively, you’ll just have to ensure the the texts in the list are unique (as using duplicate values will get you into trouble).

So, you can append some text value to the start and/or end, to keep it unique, and then remove it as needed.

Or, why can’t you just save the filename including the extension as a single text in the list? You can split it by . if you need to later on…

By create a new database object do you mean save the name/extension individually instead of as lists? I’m actually saving the list of names and extension so I can send that list to the backend and save each name/extension as individual objects.

I just don’t want the extension visible when the files names are previewed in the app. But the files name in wasabi needs to have the extension in it and I need the name of the file in bubble to match the name of the file in wasabi exactly.

When displaying the names I could use truncated from end to “.” but it gets tricky when the people are changing the name of the file because it’ll save that new value without the extension since its missing. Thats why I’m trying save it separately.

Here’s a screen recording of it. I upload the files, the extensions all save in the list on the green group. Then I show the database only saving one extension but saving all the names.

I also tried saving the list straight from the green rg that’s displaying the extension. Didn’t work either.

Since it a new object try using set list instead of add list.

one thought: is there a reason why you are setting the object a 3 different lists? I think it would make it harder for you to mange . Wouldn’t it be easier to create an object like uploaded file with fields for file name, url, extension,… etc…
and then for the uploaded list make a list of “uploaded file”?

Yes it would be much easier. The only reason I’m saving it as a list is because im using the wasabi uploader which allows people to upload multiple files at once. I’m saving each name, url and extension to fields as lists then sending the list to the backend workflow that save each item in the list as an individual object (file name, url and extension). Do you know a more efficient way to save multiple objects?


I was losing my mind as to why the ‘List of Numbers’ work for ‘ADD LIST’ but my List of texts is not working. Used Set List instead and it worked

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