How to save a list of values from inputs' in a repeating group?

I’m using wasabi storage plugin to save files. I also have a workflow to save the files name and url in bubbles database so I can easily retrieve files later.

I have the files names being previewed a rg before the files are uploaded, I want to allow users to change the name using the input element within the Repeating group which the list of un-uploaded files are in.

I’m having trouble referencing the input in the rg and associating that input value with the current cells file before it saves. So that if the name changes, It saves that files name when it uploads both to bubble and wasabi.

is the list of un-uploaded stored in a thing or are you displaying it from an external api?

Yes they are in a thing. The list of un-uploaded files are inside a wasabi file uploader element.

you should be able to use Auto-Bind. For the initial Value use Search for… Have you tried that?

then setup a back-end workflow that’s a database trigger. When the database has changed change the title in wasabi