How to save api response to database

please how can i save this api response to my database

        "id": "572d984e132eddaac3da93e5db332e7e",
        "sport_key": "basketball_nba",
        "sport_title": "NBA",
        "commence_time": "2022-02-06T03:10:38Z",
        "completed": true,
        "home_team": "Sacramento Kings",
        "away_team": "Oklahoma City Thunder",
        "scores": [
                "name": "Sacramento Kings",
                "score": "113"
                "name": "Oklahoma City Thunder",
                "score": "103"
        "last_update": "2022-02-06T05:18:19Z"

my problem is how to save the Score array to contain both name and score
you can experiment with this api thanks

Use “Schedule an API workflow on the list” and pass the list of scores… and store each object into DB.

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thanks for you reply can you help me with guild