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How to save changes to a segment of a text that is split?

Hi Guys

I have a thing that has a text field. What I have done as can be seen in the image below, is I have created a repeating group with that text as the source, split: at “.” (full stop). This produces the text with each segment in a new row of the repeating text. Each of these segments is a multiline input.

So far so good.

What I want to be able to do now is to be able to to edit any segment so that when I save, it changes the original text to reflect only the changes made. I am however unable to figure out the workflow. I assume it involves making changes to a thing, but when I apply that workflow it changes the entire text so that the original text becomes just the one segment’s text. I spent the whole of yesterday trying to figure this out but to no avail. Perhaps it involves some sort of regex command?

Any help will be appreciated!

It may be helpful if I mention that the repeating group’s cell’s initial content is “Current cell’s text”.

I think you will need to “re-build” the separated sentences/segments when you save the changes.
You split “a.b.c.d” into


If you change c to CCC ie


When you save the thing again you will need to re-assemble/append the segments ie


When you split you do not want to lose the splitting character (ie the period “.”) or you will need to also replace the lost period when you re-assemble the segments.

But maybe you already understand that and are asking how to you gather/access all the fields in a repeating group? (and the only ways I know to do that is with a plugin on the frontend or pass a list to an API workflow)

Hi Lindsay

Thanks for the reply. Mind telling me which plugin that is so I can have a look at it?

Orchestra plugin from @vini_brito

@jared.gibb talks about it here and the loom video show you how it can be used I think


Perfect. You’ve given me some material to go through tomorrow morning. Hopefully it helps with my conundrum. Thanks

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