How to save data from a recurring element

I created several recurring element search boxes, I need to save the data from them in various pages. But they don’t appear in the workflow for the page. Screenshots below to get an idea of what I’m trying to do.
I have double checked my data sources, the recurring CRUD workflows for the search boxes individually I created work. I feel like I’m missing something obvious.
recurring element

Do you have a screenshot for how your search boxes are setup?

On page

On Recurring Element

Actual Search Box

Thanks for the screenshots! I believe I understand now - to clarify, you have a search box that appears in a repeating group, once per line, correct? If this is the case, you won’t be able to access that value from within the repeating group using a standard workflow action. I’m not quite sure why, but items inside of repeating groups are not as straightforward to access from outside of that repeating group. What I would suggest is looking into auto-binding or auto-saving each of those searchboxes to each line as the user updates it, so that the data updates live and you won’t need to find a ‘save’ function for all of them after the fact.

There are also plugins that allow you to access values from outside of a repeating group, like RepeatingGroup Tools by BDK: RepeatingGroup Tools (bdk) Plugin | Bubble

msgiblin, thanks for looking, I greatly appreciate the assistance. Some thoughts & challenges.

Do you save them in a state or temporary database record?

I will likely need to make this multiline to save more than one entry at a time in the future, which I understand will require states and a backend workflow. Perhaps I should just start building that out from the start?

If I can’t reference data in a recurring element in the workflow, will I be limited to referencing it saving it in a state?

Also, I use the same recurring element, but named it differently on the page. The user needs to choose 2 different accounts, will this cause me future Hardship? Do I need to make 2 duplicate Recurring Elements with different names and not just use the same on the page twice?

Sorry for all the questions, Newb in training here, appreciate any direction you can give.

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