How to Save Data with Multi-step Form

I have been stuck on the most basic issue ever for a very long time…PLEASE HELP

I am creating a multi-step form that asks one question at a time. 10 in total.

I am using the show/hide method on one page to make smooth transitions.

I am NOT asking for an email address for sign up until question 5.

I want to create a type called “Quote” with 10 fields for each question -

For example.

  1. Address?
  2. Own or Rent?
  3. Swimming Pool?
  4. Have Dogs?
  5. Sign up
  6. Own a Fire Alarm?
  7. etc
  8. etc

I NEED to create a “Quote” starting from question 1.
then I need to MODIFY or ADD a value to my “Quote” - Specific Field each time the user answers a question.

I can’t seem to make this happen unless I make question 10 act like a “save” button, but then I won’t know how many submissions are being started and where the user drops-off in the form.

Someone please explain so I can continue!!!

Here’s how I look at this:

You’ll have a thing, called quote and it will have all the fields you want to collect. Make a group element on the page, and set its type to quote. Place the fields within this group, and use auto-bind so changes are reflected in the db immediately.

Here’s a quick example:

I didn’t mock up the hiding of elements since you already know how to do that.

Good luck!



First, This helped TREMENDOUSLY! Thank you!

One last quick question -

For example, I have a control with two buttons

  1. I OWN
  2. I RENT

I don’t get the option to auto bind from the click of a button - I tried to set a custom state in my workflow for each button but the option to autobind associated to the “own” field still does not appear.

How can I make this happen?

I think you are talking about a radio button, with two options, I Own and I Rent. If so, then on the data tab, make the field for this be a text type, rather than the yes/no type that I showed for the others. You can then auto-bind any value you want to put in your radio button options.


Radio buttons work like input fields - which is great and they would do the job.

But I wanted to make a binary option like this:

Is this possible?

Ahh, I see. In the workflow, choose the action to Make changes to a thing, and set the Thing to Change to be the parent groups quote. Then you can modify the fields as you see fit.

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