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How to save DB fields list

there is a option data with name categories and when user login he have to select one of the these thing and store in data so please tell me hoe to store and how to select. Its a repeating group in which groups are made.

these are screenshot of option set and data base.
is this possible to save in property DB in categories which is connected to option set.

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You can either register the categories in a state first, and save the list in the database after submission (higher performance) or save each item directly in the database after the user clicks.
In both cases, enter the current list first, then use plus Item to List.

here i made a state for list of categories

I add each Item to current list

finally you can set this list to DB field(list)

To delete, the method is the same, only two conditional workflows should be placed, check that the item is in the current list.

If you have any questions, I’m here to help

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actually there is list of categories which shown in second screen shot in right hand side. and the data is from options. now what i want is user has to choose place from these categories, and how i can save it in categories field inside of property db as screenshot .

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You can set the list in the DB at the time of submission.
This method is much better in terms of performance than trying to change the DB in every user act.


the first one is not working… how to select and save it…
can you give me your mail so that i can ask easily

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sure, I messaged you.

It was ok Now, by clicking Next, a property will be created and the list of its categories will be set.

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