How to save/display a list of API results?

I setup the Yelp API but I can’t figure out if there is a way to save/show not just the first result but a list of results.

There is no way to create a list of things, so I tried showing the results in a repeatinggroup but I can’t show it because the repeating group thinks that the data is a text not a list of results

Is there a way to get around this?
Any ideas?

Remove the at the end of “YELP SEARCH”. Also, your “type of content” should be “YELP SEARCH” as well.

Any results that come back with an “idx” means that a list of results is being returned. To display the business’ id in a repeating group, you’ll just use the “Current cell” call like you normally would.

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You can then save the list to your database easily by creating a field that is a list of YELP SEARCHs and modifying the field to be the repeating group’s value.

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Did you mean this?

Same issue.

Are you able to share a public link?


I took a look, and I’m thinking that it has something to do with Yelp’s response format. I glanced through the documentation and played around with the app and couldn’t get it working in the repeating group either.

The strange thing, is that the format I mentioned to you is the exact same as I’m using in my app, and it works perfectly when I insert mine into a repeating group:

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Thanks for the efforts, I really appreciate it!


I set the “Main List” to be Businesses…

…added some text to the repeating group … and …

Is that not what you wanted ?

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I get it now, that dropdown allows you to choose what data you need, businesses or open hours of businesses.

Great job @NigelG Thanks!

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Yes, if there is an array in the results, you can bring that back as a list for Bubble.

You seemed that have got almost all the way there, so wanted to check if that is what you were after :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I seem to be having the same issue, but this time API connector plugin is set to list - but the results are bringing back only the first record:

Here is the App -


Are you able to please help?

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Hey Cho…I am trying to build an app similar to yelp. However, I am not able to search yelp api in the plugins on Bubble. I am using free “personalized” version. Can you please suggest?