How to save language settings if user is not logged in when using App Texts

Hi all,

my entire application is based on Text Elements that use App Text (?). I use the workflow

  1. Make changes to current user lang=XYZ
  2. Refresh the page

When a user is logged in and changes the language this works without any problems. The page refreshes and the text appears in the selected language.

How does this work if the user is NOT logged in?
The “Make changes to current user” workflow doesn’t seem to work in this case. I would love to avoid url parameters to solve this.


Use any storage browser plugins to save the value.

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Hi John, that’s actually an amazing idea… I’m using a plugin now to store the language code value locally.

Do you have any idea on how I could change the current page language on page load given this the stored cookie value? There’s obviously no option that says “Make changes to current language”.


This is how I do it for all languages.

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