How to save multiple data from a repeating group to another data type?

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I’m making a payroll app and now I’m at the payroll processing stage. What I want to achieve is, select few or all employees from the repeating group and save salary details of the selected employees to a different data type (processed_pay).

The issue I have is, how to save several things at once when I press a button.

Sending the unique id list is not enough. Because, processed pay data shouldn’t be changed when source data changed.

In your workflow, use the action Data → Make changes to Thing for each Thing you want to change.

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Hello @navindra.sen welcome to the community!

Explore the concept of how lists are handled in Bubble. The following video is a good start:

Then you can watch this other one:

And top if off with this one:

The issue is, all of these videos shows how to select and add user ID list to another table.

I’ll explain my requirement.

I have three data types

  1. Employee
  2. Earnings
  3. Deductions

Earnings and deductions linked to Employee

Now I need to save each employees data to another data type called Payroll.

Payroll data type need following fields.

Employee ID
Type (Earning or deduction)
Amount and so on.

@navindra.sen Find a trigger that enables you to perform that save and build it in a flow using create a thing, make changes to a thing, etc etc

How can you do this in reverse. So you’ve created the list, stored it in the database. Now you want to pull that list back up and change the selections.

The videos above should cover using :plus and :minus …

Ok so the list has been created and stored in the database. Now pull that list back up using the same repeating group. If the current cells item name is in the database this check box should be selected. I can’t figure out how to do that and do not see it in the video. Maybe I missed something

Set this condition in the appropriate group or element inside the rg:

When current cells things name is empty

Checkbox initial content or default value “is checked “

Thank you for the help! Finally got it working.

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