How to save multiple data inputs to ONE visitor?

Hello all,

We have a survey system that asks about 90 questions of visitors (not registered users).

Said questions are broken down into 9 categories. Currently, each category has its own “view/hide element” with a navigational button to move from one to the next.

Thus: Category one is visible. Visitor fills out 10 questions. Visitor presses NEXT and Category two is now visible (and questions 11-20) with the data from the first 10 inputs (questions 1-10) being saved.

HOWEVER, we just realized that it is saving the data as 9 different visitors having completed 10 questions as opposed to 1 visitor with 90 questions.

We have it set to "create a new ". Is this incorrect?

Any ideas on how best to fix this? Is it a requirement for all 9 sections (and their questions) to be in ONE workflow at the very end, or is it possible to submit the information in chunks while keeping the entry as one visitor?

Any help appreciated!!

On Survey page, Set Data type to “Survey” (your Survey DB)
On page load, Create a new “Survey” thing and Display Data: select the Survey page and use Step 1 created survey thing.
When you save, Make a change to thing: current page survey.

This worked perfectly, thank you @Jici

Edit: Spoke too soon. Its saving them all as lorem ipsum text?

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This is because you dont display dta. Ypu need to display created thing to current page

How do I “display created thing to current page

I see how to display it to group but not page?

You can use “Navigation to page”, select the same page you are, and just set Data to Step 1. The page will not change, just the data

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