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How to save multiple rows data to database table using one single button

Hello everyone, I am trying to build an invoice feature in which I want to add multiple products in the invoice. So the list of products should be visible on the invoice and when the user clicks on the save button then only the products must be added to the product table as one product in one row of the table i.e. if 3 products are added by the user the in table new 3 rows should be created.
I want to achive this functionallity but we are not getting how to process the data in different rows by one button click that is save button. Below are some reference images regarding what I want to achive.

This is how the user should be able to add the products using add another line and when the save button is clicked these values should be stored in the database table in this format.

You can use backend workflows or use Orchestra plugin.

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maybe one of my newest tutorials might help you here:

Many greetings.