How to save selection from SearchBox to Database?

Hey there,

I’m using the SearchBox element with Geographic Places, and wanting to save the result (ie; London, UK) to my User Data Type when a Save button is clicked so the following will be shown when their profile is viewed…


I have the text fields all good as you can see to output the relevant results…


…but the issue is when creating a Workflow to save (ie; London, UK) from the SearchBox to my DB. I currently have the option greyed out…

What am I missing here?

Many thanks

You’re probably not missing anything. There’s a rather persistent but intermittent bug where some options will become unavailable at seemingly random times. Refreshing your editor will restore them.

There’s a similar bug where at times, the Insert Dynamic Data flyout prompt will (instead of flying out to full width), reduce itself down to a little skinny blue bar about 1 or 2 pixels wide (which gets very hard to click, let me tell ya). Again, refreshing the editor restores proper behavior.

It could be that these issues are indicative of one’s editor session running out of memory (in fact I’m fairly certain that’s the cause) and that it’s definitely time to refresh one’s editor session anyway before one gets the “Sad folder” error…


Yeah. There seems to be some weird bugginess there. Thanks for the heads up @keith