How to save the list of items scrolled past in a repeating group

Ok, so here is a strange one.

I’m building an article curator MVP. The idea will be to load a list of content pieces using a repeating group. However, I want to be able to exclude the content pieces a user has already scrolled past.

How can I capture the list of repeating group items that a user has scrolled past? How frequently can I capture this data?

You need to know first what article in the list the user has scrolled up to (ie: if there is a list of 50 articles and the user scrolls to article 24 and that is it, meaning they do not scroll to article 25 or further, then you need to know that they only scrolled up to article number 24)

Then you also need to know which of the first 24 articles did they simply scroll past without opening, so you need to capture which ones they open…then you need to have the page itself setup so they can open an article without leaving the page, so the scroll position of the repeating group stays the same.

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@boston85719 , but how?

There is a lot to it, so out of the scope of an explanation via the forum.

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