How to save the SSO type when user logs in

When a user logs in, I’d like to store the type of login (email, facebook, google, etc.) in a new User field (“ssotype”, say). Is this possible?

It would be possible yes,

Have you done all the tutorial’s including the hard mode’s as once i done all of them including the hard modes i got better at everything and my skills advanced so i would suggest doing the tutorials,


I’ve done all the tutorials. None of them go over this specific case. One demos copying FB user profile data into visual page elements, but when I try to insert into the User record, nothing happens. This among others are so super common, I’m surprised Bubble doesn’t provide ample, specific working examples of these kinds of cases. It’s should be simple but it’s not.

I solved it, thanks. (I just started using Bubble yesterday). From the sign-in page/popup, add a workflow item step 2 when the user clicks the Google (or other social site) that makes changes to current user.

Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 1.57.59 PM

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