How to save the visual changes made by a user?

This is my first question on bubble forum, so thanks in advance.

I am creating a project management app that is very visual (rather than just lists of content.) The point I am stuck at is hiding/showing groups.

I have a create button, which should show a visual group when clicked. I tried the custom state method, as well as ‘show element’ (making the group hide at page load, and then add the workflow using ‘show element’). Both techniques work when I preview them, but the progress is not saved when I close the preview and enter the preview again (although the data is saved).

What I want is that the current user should be able to create these things and continue where they left off when they log back again. (i.e. the visual elements that became visible in the last session should stay visible) Hope this makes sense!

Thanks again in advance…

Hi there, @vikas2… to do what you described (if I understand your post correctly), you are going to have to use a value that is saved in the database in order to know where the user left off. One of the ways you could do that is to have a field on the User data type that is explicitly used to track the user’s progress. Then, you would use conditionals on your groups/elements to hide/show them when there is a particular value in that field. Another way you could go is to check one or more of the fields associated with a particular step in the process, and if the fields have data in them, you know the step was completed, and you can show the next step.

Again, though, the main point is that you have to rely on a value somewhere in the database to do what you are trying to do here.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks a lot, Mike! That was very helpful!

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