How to save two data connected to each other in custom state and then in data base?

I am making a portion where there is 4 stages and they have different color from from option sets to choose, so we i am making funnel in which i want to select and its particular color. we have 4 option to choose stage and make them color.
now i am confused how to first store the custom value of stage and color together link to each other and save it to data base at last according to choice of user that how many stage he selected like 1,2,3 or 4.

Here is image which is floating group and we have option to choose stage and then color but i am confused how to do it.
here is data base already selected i just need to know workflow and how to store.

color option set is text with these four colour hex name.
Then at last in save i told to run scheduled workflow and first create funnel and save files except stage and in second action link stage to funnel and in third action add list to stage (link funnel to stage).

Thank you

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