How to save user progress?

Let’s say I’m building a course/lesson. How would I get completed levels to be remembered as “completed” the next time the user logs in?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You’d need to save that lesson in the User data type, or the course/lesson data type that was assigned to the user.

So let’s say you have the following DB structure:

User data type

  • Course

Course data type
Level1Complete: Yes/No
Level 2Complete: Yes/No

So you’d save those DB entries as “Yes” when the User completes a level.

Does that make sense?

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As an alternative, in the database, if you have as things “User” and “Courses”
each user could have a list of completed courses. (datatype: list of courses)
Whenever they click next/complete, on a course, that course is added to that users list of completed courses.

The remaining courses could be a repeating group e.g. do a search for courses minus list current users completed courses.

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Sorry, I’m very new to bubble.

So go to data-> data types, and then make a data type for each course?

Then, I have a workflow that saves these data types when a specific action is completed, like clicking a “complete course” button?


Would it be one of these options? How do I save them as yes/no?