How To Schedule an Event or how to schedule a work flow

Hi! @rpetribu
I am Creating an app in which I want a workflow that will be triggered daily at 12 am automatically and will send emails to users and will clear all of my database how can I do this kindly help me with this.
I need help regarding steps :

  1. Workflow Triggered at 12 am daily automatically
  2. It will send emails to all of the users in the database
  3. after the email is sent it will delete all of the data in the database

Kindly Help me with this!

  1. User either a recursive workflow, set up to repeat every day at midnight, or a recurring event.

  2. Use an action to send a bulk email to your Users (this may need to be a recursive workflow, sending to a batch of users each time)… how you do this will depend on what email service provider you’re using for your app.

  3. Depending on how much data, and your current app plan, you can either use a single ‘delete a list of things’ action, or use a recursive workflow to delete things in batches.


Do as @adamhholmes suggested :+1:

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