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How to Schedule API in the future to run at a specific HOUR?


I wish to schedule an API WF to run in the future, I know that we can set the date in the future, but I want to be able to specify the time that it should run on that day also.

is this possible?


when you indicate the time and use an expression for it then simply add “change hours to” and “change minutes to” that way you can precise at what time you want your API workflow to run


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thanks @levon will try that.

hey @levon finally got around to trying this…

not sure if this expression will work, but if i wish to schedule a WF to run the following day at 5.00am local time, would this be correct?

I am not seeing the expected results with this expression.

did you try to use the debugger to see what values are used for scheduled date with this expression?

thanks @levon i must have been doing something wrong but looks all good from the debugger.