How to scroll to last chat message - not working in this case

Im making a chat on my page, and i cannot find a solution to make the page scroll down to the last messages - so the user dont have to scroll down manually to read the last entries.

Im aware that using the action “scroll to an element”+ adding invisible elements on the page COULD work in this case - BUT i cannot make it work on this page sizing we are using:

Page has to scroll above a fix background, so it has MIN HEIGHT =300px / MAX HEIGHT = 100%

In these conditions “scroll to an element” does not work.

Anyone know how can I make it?

Thank you.

Use action Scroll to entry. It will scroll to entry in the repeating group. In your case you need to indicate the index of the last entry. Here is an example:

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Juste, Where you use this action? After what “Triggers”?

Thanks again!

When they click on the conversation, when they click on a button saying “Jump to newest”, etc.

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Thanks! :pray:t4:

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