How to scroll to NEXT entry every 5 seconds in RG

I want it to scroll to the next card in the repeating group every 5 seconds. Currently i can only see an option to scroll to a PARTICULAR entry every 5 seconds (not sure how anyone would want to use that but anyway), but i want it to scroll to the NEXT entry across each time.

Do i need to use set states or something?

Any help is much appreciated.

Create a custom state on the RG called nextIndex of type number and default it to 2. Then when you want to scroll to the next item, just choose Repeating Group’s list of X:item #Repeating Group’s nextIndex and then set the nextIndex custom state to nextIndex + 1.

If you’re expecting it to loop back to the first item once it’s gone through the entire list then you’ll need to add some conditional logic for that too. But definitely possible.


It works perfectly and is so simple! Thanks my man. Can’t believe there are so many plugins for auto scrolling that don’t even work as good as this hahah.

Here’s how it looks (for anyone interested in replicating).

Do every 5 seconds workflow with three actions:

The last step is just to throw it back to the first card once it as at the final card (card 7).

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